Hi, I’m Carl Pridonoff. ReadySetz was born in a playroom. As a parent, I loved watching my children making up and living out stories. Still, I was worried about the mesmerizing effects of video games and tablets. I wanted my kids to use their own imaginations, rather than rely on someone else’s. So, I decided to make a play environment that was so big, so colorful, and so engaging that it would draw my kids away from their screens and give them a place to create their own stories.

Even though I wanted it to be big, I didn’t want another clunky piece of plastic taking up space in the corner of a room somewhere. It also had to be stable, but light enough to handle and transport easily. So I started looking into light materials that could be configured to make the set strong, and could accept detailed, colorful printing, but still easy to fold and unfold.

We launched the first Urban Set (the “Classic”) in 2017 and quickly sold out. It didn’t take long before we also realized the potential the sets have as a diorama for photography and display. We took what we learned and, in late 2018, we launched the Urban 18 and Urban 2.0 (an updated version of the Classic) and the Space Base 18 and the Space Base.

In addition, we now have 5 sets in development that will appeal to a variety of themes. We are also developing a new modular structure that will allow interchangeable facades.

As with our existing sets, we are dedicated to high quality, detailed graphics on three levels, inside and out, 360 degrees; using only recycled or recyclable materials, manufacturing in the US, easy foldability for storage, transportability and durability -– and coolness! Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten that these sets are about imagination for kids and adults. We hope you like ReadySetz and can’t wait for your stories to unfold!

Carl, Dad Entrepreneur

My daughter playing with the original palace set.

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