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A Geek Daddy

Creative play combined with its durability and quality, SPACE BASE has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

“The wonderful details and vibrant artwork contained within this playset make it great for getting kids to immerse themselves in imaginative play. I noticed my son and daughter re-engaging with toys they hadn’t enjoyed for awhile and playing for longer stints once the ReadySetz SPACE BASE was set out for them to use. The multi dimensional layout and elaborate imagery really sparks creativity and imagination making playtime more fun.”

The Fwoosh

ReadySetz have given kids and collectors alike pop-up playlets that are affordable, easy to display, and super simple to put away.

“The Urban Playset unfolds quickly from a tidy stack to a massive, multi-level, and multi-faced environment measuring about three feet high, and almost that wide. This one focuses on a street level alley-esque setting with a sewer and sub level below the street. This is interesting as it can be used as one continues scene, or as a connection of several different spaces to diversify adventures all in one spot.”

The Rock Father

ReadySetz: One of 2017’s Coolest Toys is One You’ve Never Heard of.

“The Urban Playset is the first release from ReadySetz. This immersive, 3D playset features photorealistic graphics on heavyweight, exceptionally durable, structurally-reinforced corrugated cardboard. It unfolds in seconds, locking into place to create a sturdy new play environment with 360 degrees of fun! When the kids are done, it simply folds back up and can be placed back into its box until they’re ready to play again!”

Mom Does Reviews

The Urban Playset by ReadySetz is a refreshing new idea in the toy industry.

“The Urban Playset by ReadySetz is a refreshing new idea in the toy industry. Unlike most cardboard play sets that take up a lot of space, The Urban Playset folds away easily to store after play. The attention to detail is clever. They have thought of it all with windows, trap doors, helicopter pad, ramps, stairs, a sewer, and more! The Urban Playset is perfect for girls or boys and a variety of toys!”

Mom Blog Society

We are dedicated to creating play environments that encourage imagination, innovation, and unstructured play.

“ReadySetz™ was born in a playroom. As a parent, I loved watching my children innovate: playing pots and pans like drums, using vacuum extensions as robot arms, wearing pom-poms as clown wigs, etc. Still, I was worried about the mesmerizing effects of video games on my kids. I wanted them to exercise their own imaginations, rather than rely on someone else’s.”

Red Head Mom

I couldn’t believe how easy they were to set up!

“Our kids love to make movies with their phones and are always looking for a backdrop set for their movies. So when I discovered The Urban Playset by ReadySetz, I was excited to find them new options for their movie making! ReadySetz is not only easy to set up, but the sets also look life-like! As an adult, I was even in awe when setting up the set and seeing how vibrant the colors were and how real the set looked!”

“The rare product that delivers exactly what is promised. Well done!” Jared

ReadySetz are individually printed
and made only in America.

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